Miguel Angel Ivars Mas

Entrepreneur, Internet enthusiast, passionate about innovation & marketing.

I am an tech enthusiast, self-taught, like many on the net, with a curious and nonconformist spirit. I consider myself an entrepreneur and creative, I like reading, learning and thinking about new and original things, developing ideas to explode, websites and innovative businesses and everything related to the Internet.

To date I have worked as a programmer in Informance in Valencia, Accenture consulting in Madrid with projects in Sanitas, in PepsiCo, in the Consellería de Sanitat of the Generalitat Valenciana, and Akelos Media.

In addition from 1999 to 2013 I was at the helm of Maimol, where we developed web projects of own content like the network of commercial blogs entusiasta Network, among others.

At present I am in Madrid in charge of Efectividads where we develop innovative technology for the field of online marketing, as is the case of AdLemons, the platform of influence marketing.

One of the latest ventures I participated in was eCamina, a shipping management system that allowed the transport agency communicate with the virtual stores via API, offering a price comparison of providers and an optimal service to face the challenges of the future of electronic commerce.

I also teach at the business school specializing in marketing and digital business The Valley in Madrid.


AdLemons Awards:






Events and networking:

I was part of the organization of the event iWeekend in Valencia, an event where 50 talents meet a weekend with the aim of creating a technological company. I have organized with my colleagues 3 events in Valencia and I have attended as an assistant to many others.

iWeekend Events (organized): iWeekend Valencia 2008, iWeekend Valencia 2009, iWeekend Valencia 2010

iWeekend Events (assisted): iWeekend Barcelona 2007, iWeekend Madrid 2009, iWeekend Alicante 2009 (as master of ceremonies), iWeekend Valencia 2011 (as mentor)

I was also part of the initial organizer team of monthly event Iniciador Valencia for almost 6 years, an event "of entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs" in which to learn and share business experiences and to make networking, with monthly character done since September 2008 in the City of Innovation Of the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

And I collaborated for a time in the organization of ßetabeers in Valencia, a monthly meeting of web developers and apps, where you can enjoy networking with a few beers.

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